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Data-Driven Hiring: Job Posting and Pipeline Analytics with Reports

Explore monitoring key metrics for areas such as job boards, referrals, and pipeline stages. By understanding and utilizing these metrics, enhance the success of your job postings and pipelines.

What's included?

  • Enhancing Recruitment Success through Data-Driven Insights

    Tracking the success of candidate sources, evaluating the results of referrals, and measuring campaign effectiveness can provide valuable insights to the current power of your job postings and how to enhance them.
  • Leveraging Data for Informed Hiring Process Decisions

    Pipeline performance is critical to your team's speed and agility in filling open positions. Explore past and current pipeline data to identify successful stages and track current status'.
  • Mastering Metrics: Important Insights for Using Reports

    Correctly filtering, exporting, and comparing reports allows you to identify trends, address specific challenges, tailor strategies, benchmark performance, and ultimately optimize the hiring process to achieve better results.

Course Lessons

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