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Workable Academy is a centralized learning and training hub developed by Workable experts. We specialize in free courses to gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence as a Workable member. 
Why learn with Workable Academy?

Successful Start

Workable 101 provides a great way for you to learn about key features and start hiring quickly. We make it easy for you to learn the platform, through interactive videos and compiling the best resources.
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Why learn with Workable Academy?

Team Training 

Online learning courses are an outstanding opportunity to train your team with less onboarding effort. Our Standard Access Member Training provides your team with an understanding of the features they are most likely to use. 
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Why learn with Workable Academy?

Field Expertise

Our school is for hiring teams who really want to gain the most from their Workable account. Our instructors give expert tips on everything from time-saving account actions to candidate sourcing optimization.  
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Why are customers running to Workable Academy?


No need to skip lunch for a webinar! Take our courses when you want at a pace that works for you.

Module- based 

Take the courses you need! We will provide a suggested learning path but our courses can be completed in any order.


Workable Academy is included with your account at no extra charge. Don't miss an opportunity to get the most out of your account.

Support included

We’re always available to answer questions, address concerns and offer help. A member of our team is ready to listen and help.
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What teams need to succeed!

Ready to get started? Our courses will have you up and running in days, not months. Adding hiring teams is a breeze, too. Workable is so intuitive, most users can just jump right in and start hiring. Our courses support using key features to save time and make your hiring process easy. 
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Ready to start learning how to use Workable??

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